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Blame the sound effect, I thought Azusa was struck by heart attack

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Pervert eyes of Cecil and Nanami.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood surely is ironic.

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Recreate any Game/Film/Album cover using ONLY Clipart and Comic Sans

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Things I bought on local brands and handmade crafts markets lately.

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I thought this ‘Michael??’ person was Camus.

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the relationships going on my family lacks openness. Not only me and my parents, but me and my sis, also my sister and my parents.

Here is my condition: I’m the first daughter with two younger sisters. I was sent into dormitory since high school. And now I continue the college like 2,723 km away from my parents (based on Google Maps). Of course I always go back to my hometown on vacations, though it’s only one-two month long. So I have been living far away from them for almost six years. I phone home on Sunday afternoons, nothing special to talk about. Just telling them I’m doing fine.

I seldom consult about my problems to my parents and let myself face it alone. Not that I do not trust them, but I’m just a person who enjoys keeping anxiety alone… okay I admit I have some distrust towards them. An emotional gap.

Oldest sister has the same condition like me, except she’s a freshman in her college. We differ in some hobbies but I think she’s a carefree just like me. Unlike normal sisters, she has never told me anything except Korean Idols and her fond of cute little boys (?). Not even school-drama or crush.

My parents aren’t tech-savvy. The only my social media linked to theirs is Facebook. I wonder if they ever found my twitter or tumblr. I don’t think posting about family problems there will be dangerous. As for sis, she stays connect with me by twitter and she’s not even a threat.

Do I comfortable with it? Hell, of course I do, I’ve been dealing this problem for years and it’s obvious that I am used to it. But seeing parents being BFFs with their children always makes me envious.

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Movies I have watched in 2013:

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Games I have played (and currently playing) in 2013:

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Seven years ago—